Study indicates aspirin may help in hospital treatment of covid-19

posted on 03/29/2022 19:34

The doctors also investigated whether the treatment would increase the risk of bleeding, but concluded there was no significant change – (Credit: stevepb/Pixabay)

Scientists from George Washington University in the United States have concluded that the early use of aspirin in hospitalized patients with moderate covid-19 image may reduce the lethality of the disease. Second article published in the scientific journal Open Jama NetworkO the risk of death has been reduced in 13.6% in the group of people treated with the drug from the first day of hospitalization.

The researchers analyzed data from 112,269 patients from 64 health systems across the United States participating in the National Institute of Health’s National Covid Collaborative Cohort (N3C). Besides the decrease in hospital mortality over a 28-day period, anyone who received aspirin was also linked to an incidence lower pulmonary embolism. According to the scientists, the findings warrant further study in a randomized clinical trial that includes multiple patients with cardiovascular comorbidities.

The authors also have reservations about the limitations of the research. These include the relatively low prevalence of comorbidities, the lower prevalence of obesity in the UK than in the US, and a lack of racial and ethnic diversity in the survey.

Patient safety was also checked. The main concern was the increased bleeding in the group that used the drug. As such, they warn that “the risks of aspirin should be carefully assessed before treatment.”

The researchers also stressed the importance of continuing to seek effective inpatient and outpatient treatments for the coronavirus. “Despite the availability of effective vaccines in wealthy countries, Covid-19 continues to cause more than 65,000 deaths per week worldwide, highlighting the need for affordable and affordable therapies for those who are unvaccinated,” says the item.

The full text titled Association of early aspirin intake with hospital mortality in patients with moderate covid-19 can it be read in full, in English, on the site of Open Jama Network.

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