LE BALLON – Goalkeeper who died at the age of 28 from leukemia (Belgium)

Miguel Van Damme, a 28-year-old Belgian goalkeeper, died this morning of leukemia. The player has been fighting this cancer – which forms in bone marrow stem cells – since 2016.

Van Damme ended his career in 2018/19, but Cercle Brugge still renewed the footballer’s contract, most recently in June 2020 when he suffered a relapse of the disease, but at the time , still with some hope of survival.

The footballer became a father for the first time in 2021, after discovering that his disease was incurable two days after learning of the pregnancy of his wife, little Camille.

The news of Miguel Van Damme’s passing was given by his wife, Kyana Dobbelaere, via Instagram: “Our love left for his last game tonight, a game that can no longer be won. You left us slowly but you have walked your way, very strong. You fought like a lion. We are all very grateful for who you were: an example for many. You made me realize that there is nothing to give up and even if hope was just a small glimmer, you cling to it again and again. Rest now my dear, you deserve it, now you are free from all pain. We would like to see you like this. A big hug from your daughters.

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