Ibrahimovic does not throw in the towel: “I will continue, everyone sees a different animal” – World Cup 2022

Sweden was eliminated from the 2022 World Cup after falling in the playoff final on Tuesday (0-2)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was one of the faces of Swedish discontent just after the final whistle of Tuesday’s game against Poland (0-2), which dictated the elimination of Jan Andersson’s men from the 2022 World Cup. At the end of the match, the striker regretted the result and stressed that he would continue to play “as long as he has the strength “. “We are very disappointed,” he began by telling the microphones of TV4. “We really wanted to qualify, I wanted to play the World Cup. It was a balanced game. We had chances to score and they did too, but in the second half they scored early and then he had to go after the result”, explained the Swede, before addressing the future.


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“I hope to continue to contribute as long as I am healthy. I will continue to play as long as I have the strength. I have already told Jan Andersson this and I believe he understood. He and all those who were here saw a different animal and they’re happy for that, so I’m going to continue.” ended.

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