F1: Mercedes is (definitely) late and one of the causes… is the engine

According to Gary Anderson, the Mercedes engine lacks power to allow the team to put more wings on its single-seater. After in 2014 Mercedes was the team that best interpreted the new regulations, this time it was not the case.
As is known, all manufacturers have new power units in 2022, and these should last until the end of 2025, with most parts “frozen” in their development. Only the MGU-K (energy storage) will have to be approved until September.
So, after 2014, it was the most important year to get the “new” power unit. And Mercedes failed. And you have little latitude to solve the problem…
And in this particular case, we see Red Bull and Ferrari with better possibilities to handle the wings, because their engines are more powerful. It’s ironic to say the least that we get to this point and realize that Mercedes is starting to lose… because of the engine.
Long story short, while Red Bull and Ferrari can “carry” downforce from the wings or lighten it taking into account the tracks, Mercedes have less leeway in this aspect and that justifies where they are at the moment.
As we have known for a long time, there is only one permanent thing in Formula 1 and that is change…

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