The English say that Darwin Núñez and Jorge Mendes can “help” Kane to go to… the Man. United – Benfica

‘The Athletic’ writes that the businessman has already approached the Uruguayan striker

Achieving a good season, Darwin Núñez continues to be a name widely talked about in the international press when it comes to market rumours. This Monday, for example, it was the turn of the ‘The Athletic’ portal to mention the name of the Benfica striker, in an article in which it puts him on the road to Tottenham and Manchester United. And it all depends on… Harry Kane. The starting point is the need for Manchester United to acquire a striker to make up for the departure of Edinson Cavani, but also to make up for the forced absence of Mason Greenwood (out due to a legal problem) and the lack production by Marcus Rashford. There, the preferred name is Harry Kane, in a former relationship who had Manchester City as interested. Now, writes ‘The Athletic’, in July there will be another attack from the Red Devils, now with an (indirect) intervention from Jorge Mendes. And this is where Darwin comes in. According to the English portal, the superagent has contacted some attackers in recent weeks about the possibility of moving to Spurs, in order to leave the London team with a strong option to fill the possible departure of Harry Kane. Darwin is one such player, along with Roma’s Tammy Abraham. However, despite the good relationship he enjoys with chairman Daniel Levy and sporting director Fabio Paratici, Spurs sources assure that the businessman works “alone”, without any request from the club.

On the other hand, ‘The Athletic’ also leaves another fact to consider, since at the end of his article he also considers Darwin as an option to strengthen the man himself. United, if Kane chooses not to leave Tottenham. The portal recalls the fact that it was the Uruguayan who solved the draw against Ajax, the team currently commanded by what many say is the next Red Devils coach, Dutchman Erik Ten Hag.

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