THE BALL – Reinaldo García at FC Porto until the age of 40 (Roller Hockey)

FC Porto confirmed this Tuesday the agreement with Reinaldo García to renew, until 2023, the contract of the Argentine defender / midfielder, who will therefore continue with a dragon on his chest, at least until his 40th birthday.

“It’s not easy to be at a club of this size for so long. It’s a dream to be able to continue representing this emblem at the highest level and I’m very happy to be able to stay here for another season. I want to continue working, that’s how I got here and that’s how I want to continue,” said Reinaldo García, who turned 39 on February 15 and has already spent 13 (non-consecutive) seasons with the FC Porto jersey.

When asked about the secret to longevity: “I like challenges and these are different times. In the past, the career ended earlier, but today there is more care, the work is more specific and I take great care of myself in this sense. It’s the only way, at my age, to continue at a good level. I will continue to take care of myself, work on a daily basis and try to learn from my colleagues and my mistakes. There’s always something to improve, even though I’m the oldest in the team, that’s my way of thinking. I don’t know everything and that’s what I think about every day to continue to evolve.

With 17 titles won in the service of FC Porto, Reinaldo García chose those who most marked his time at Dragão: “I choose the first, always at Fânzeres, because it was the first in senior and the first in the “deca”. , and then my seventh, the return. This one was remarkable because it was a new project, FC Porto hadn’t won the league for some time and we managed to do it with a lot of hard work.

As for the best goal, he chose one against Luz’s rival: “Honestly, I don’t care about goals. I’m more of a player to build, to watch, but of course I like to score goals, everyone does. There is one that I remember: it was here at the Dragão Arena, against Benfica, a hat I made for the goalkeeper and for me it was magnificent. In this match, we won well against Benfica and I liked this goal.

The Argentinian also praised the president Pinto da Costa: “Although it seems that he is only in football, the president is very present in sport. In important moments he is always there. The relationship I have with him is very cordial, of course we don’t speak to each other every day, but when something has to happen or when we need something, he is always ready to help us. roller hockey and has a special affection for the sport. All the support he gives us is phenomenal and he will certainly continue to do so.

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