Shaquille O’Neal and going to the doctor after a decade: ‘When they tell you about death, a lot of things change’ – NBA

Shaquille O’Neal admitted to having radically changed his habits in recent months, both eating and sports. The former NBA star, who in an interview with ‘GQ’ pointed out he hadn’t seen a doctor in over a decade, was in shock when he found out he was suffering from Sleep Apnea. “When you play, you go to the doctor for tests. But I haven’t played for eleven years, so what was the reason for going to the doctor? When I came back there after so long, there there were things that I hadn’t done I don’t even know. They were like, ‘You have sleep apnea. , which can cause high blood pressure or strokes. You could have died”. I replied, “What? Now I have to sleep with a machine”, he began by explaining, adding that in addition he was “dependent” on tranquilizers. “I was not addicted, I was addicted. It’s not the same thing. My kidneys were very weak, I stopped taking painkillers. There were days when I couldn’t move and I “I used to take one or two just to be able to walk. But not anymore. Talk about death, a lot of things change”.

For the rest, the American was very shaken by the death of Kobe Bryant and went through moments where he just wanted to “watch Netflix and eat”.

“[Ao espelho] I saw a 70 year old man with muscles all over. I started to eat better. I only ate sandwiches. For lunch, dinner, teatime… and when I couldn’t sleep, I got up at three in the morning to go make one. I realized that I couldn’t go on like this. I stopped eating bread, chocolate and cakes. Now I only eat fruits, protein shakes, salads, fish, chicken, asparagus and other vegetables. All in very small portions. I started seeing abs…” he concluded.

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