Rooney called Ferdinand “arrogant” and he already got a response: “Sometimes we drink a few beers…” – Dude. United

Former male player. United have revealed they are in a constant ‘battle’ with the current Derby County manager

Rio Ferdinand has already reacted to statements by Wayne Rooney, who considered the former Manchester United center was “arrogant”. “Sometimes we drink a few beers and let certain things pass. We let our guard down when we don’t see the cameras and the microphones”, says Ferdinand, on his YouTube channel ‘Vibe With Five’, explaining the words of his former companion . .


Rooney remembers Ronaldo as

Rooney and Ferguson's appeal to parents:

“He was referring to when we were on the pitch and arguing, or in front of the whole stadium or in training. Him and I were always in it. Sometimes I thought, ‘Hit the ball, man! I just need you to be up there to score goals and be decisive.

The former England defender, now a sports commentator, considered Rooney a “street footballer”. “I wanted to be involved for the full 90 minutes, play all the time, and I just said to him, ‘I just want goals, I don’t care about the rest’. If the ball came in front and he was holding it, I was just saying: ‘Wazza, hurry up!’ To which he replied: ‘Do your job!’ We were still in it, but we gave ourselves the motivation”, he concluded.

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