Final Fantasy Origin entertains those who don’t expect much

Stranger of Paradise is cheesy and tacky, but fun

Stranger of Paradise is cheesy and tacky, but fun

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Expectations can turn good experiences into bad ones. However, Strangers from Heaven: Final Fantasy Origin is proof that the reverse can also very well happen. Square Enix’s new game can be defined as cheesy. But, like a Sharknado in the movies, maybe it’s a portrayal of a game with moments so bad they turn around and become good.

To be honest, it’s an intriguing analysis to make. The role of reporter will point out the various errors, as well as the few hits, that Stranger of Paradise possesses. But I already advance to the readers that the final mark is thought on technical questions, but that does not reflect the pleasure that this game brought me. And all because of the wait before starting the game.

Story, dialogues and corny moments

If my summary of the story seems simple, I swear it’s not my fault! Basically, Final Fantasy Origin tells the story of Jack, the protagonist, and his two companions (three of the most generic characters in the gaming universe), who want to defeat Chaos, to bring peace to the kingdom of Cornelia. .

Stranger of Paradise doesn’t even have to give you 5 minutes after meeting Jack, to show you that the care taken in constructing the main plot, dialogues and characters was almost nil. In the very first dialogue, the three main characters are already united, in a way that cannot be “bought”, by an unbreakable bond in search of the same goal. If that’s not enough, they seal this new partnership by extending their fists in the air, while a camera takes a long shot of this historic moment.

The dialogues of the first minutes already show that the game will be generic

The dialogues of the first minutes already show that the game will be generic

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And no, the plot and the dialogues aren’t going to improve much over the course of the game. And that’s where my expectations come in. From the demo, as well as corny trailers with rock music, I expected. And while waiting for this pantyhose, when it came, I kissed it with good smiles and managed to have fun in the most awkward moments of this story, which is very weak.

Challenging and fun gameplay

Combat in Stranger of Paradise can be tough

Combat in Stranger of Paradise can be tough

Photo: Square Enix/Playback

While everything about Stranger of Paradise’s story, plot, and characters is a fiasco, the same can’t be said for the gameplay. The impression is that all of the studio’s care for the game has turned to the mechanics of the game. In open combat, the game replicates some of the role we saw in Final Fantasy XV, where our teammates can help a lot .

In addition, the game brings the mechanic of “Jobs”, which are nothing more than character classes, as they are called in the games of the series. The interesting thing here is that you can develop several jobs at the same time, allowing Jack to use several weapons and this gives good diversity in the fights. Also, character-specific builds aren’t that much of a concern. Nothing like the recent Elden Ring, where every skill point has to be considered. In Stranger of Paradise, each class can be upgraded separately, without stealing points from the others.

Along with this, Jack can select up to two active classes and change them mid-battle with just the press of a button. By the way, this diversification is welcome, because the fights in the game can be quite difficult. Don’t be smart, to see if even a stupid bunch of goblins won’t take you out.

In frying eggs

Definitely Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a game. Kidding aside, the wait is everything for this new game from Square Enix to be enjoyed. The combat system is really fun, but not everyone will be able to outgrow the cheesy characters and main story.

Stranger from Heaven: Final Fantasy - Rating 6.5

Stranger from Heaven: Final Fantasy – Rating 6.5

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Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

*This review was made on the PS5, with a copy of the game kindly provided by Square Enix.

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