Fernando Santos: “I have already won two competitions and I dream a lot of winning a third” – World Cup 2022

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The coach wants to win the World Cup in December

Fernando Santos was delighted with Portugal’s qualification for a new World Cup. The Portuguese coach assured that he wants to win the final in Qatar, in November and December, to add to the Portuguese achievements of Euro 2016 and the 2019 Nations League. “I have already won two competitions and I dream a lot to win a third”, he reiterated in statements to RTP 3, justifying the bet on the central pair for this meeting with North Macedonia. “I trust Fonte a lot, I thought that for the characteristics of the opponent, Pepe and Danilo would be better. We don’t always succeed”, underlined the coach.

game analysis

“I have to congratulate the players for the fantastic attitude they had. In the first 10 minutes we didn’t manage to do it right, I said that this North Macedonia know how to play. was not what we thought of them. There was a spirit of mutual aid and great support from the public. It was a deserved and just victory. I do not remember a great goal situation for their team “We created chances to score. We have all the credit in the World Cup. Fortunately, the 11 million Portuguese will have the opportunity to have Portugal in the World Cup.”

What can Portugal do to reach the title?

“Let’s go with time. There is a previous competition and with time we will prepare for the Worlds.”

How do you feel after the criticism after the game against Serbia?

“Like the same tranquility I’ve always had. I have peace of mind.”

By Flavio Miguel Silva


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