BOLA – Haas points to a loss of 900 thousand euros after Schumacher’s misdirection (Formula 1)

Mick Schumacher (Haas) was the victim of a serious accident during qualifying for the Saudi Arabian GP on Saturday, when he lost control of his car at the exit of one of the fast corners of the Jeddah circuit.

The German driver was taken to hospital and was even deemed fit to participate in the race. However, his team decided to retire the car as it was badly damaged and there was no time to repair it.

Team boss Guenther Steiner has now given the estimated damage value. “We still have to make a proper assessment, but the chassis itself doesn’t look broken. The impact structure yes, but you just have to change it. Of the suspensions, only the left front is used. Ferrari told me the engine looks good, the battery too, and the rest…everything is broken, it’s carbon dust. The damage should be around 900 thousand euros”, he lamented.

As a warning, Guenther Steiner said Haas can’t afford to have more crashes like this: “There’s some value, but in a racing stable you can never hold the line. budget as in a commercial enterprise. There’s always a risk, but if it happens two or three times, it’s no longer a possibility… I hope we don’t have more.

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