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There are already 27 teams qualified for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Besides Portugal, Poland also secured their presence in the finals of the competition on Tuesday, beating Sweden in the deciding match, with Ghana, Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia and Cameroon also sealing qualification in Africa.

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To be decided and until June, for the most part, there remains a European wave and four others between South America, Asia, North America, Central America and the Caribbean and the Oceania. These are all the teams that have already qualified for the World Cup in Qatar and all that remains to be done to close the final phase of the competition. which begins on November 21 and ends on December 18:

Qualified selections (27): Qatar (organizer); Germany, Denmark, France, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, Serbia, England, Switzerland, Netherlands, Portugal and Poland (Europe); Ghana, Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia and Cameroon (Africa); Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and Uruguay (South America); Iran, South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia (Asia); Canada (North, Central America and Caribbean)


What Europe lacks (1): Wales or Scotland/Ukraine (June only)

What is missing in South America (0/1): Peru (21 points), Colombia (20) and Chile (19) play for fifth place in the group stage in the matches Peru-Paraguay, Venezuela-Colombia and Chile-Uruguay (Wednesday, 00:30) and the one that wins this place plays with the winner of playoffs from Asia on June 13 or 14

What is missing in Asia (0/1): The United Arab Emirates take on Australia on June 7, with the winner facing the playoffs with the fifth in South America on June 13 or 14

What is missing in North, Central America and the Caribbean (2/3): USA (25), Mexico (25) and Costa Rica (22) with two direct qualification places and another for the playoffs with the winner of Oceania on June 13 or 14 with the Costa Rica-USA, Mexico-El Salvador and Panama-Canada matches (Thursday, 2:05 a.m.)

What is missing in Oceania (0/1): the Solomon Islands-New Zealand winner (Wednesday 6 p.m.) will play the playoffs with the North America quarter on June 13 or 14

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