″Sometimes we drink a few beers″

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On his YouTube channel, the current commentator echoed the words of his former Manchester United team-mate

Teammates and champions at Old Trafford, serving Manchester United, Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney have exchanged some bitterness in recent days. The former striker called the ex-centre-back ‘arrogant’ and the now commentator has already had the right to reply.

“Sometimes we drink a few beers and let things go. We let our guard down when we can’t see the cameras and microphones. He was referring to when we were on the pitch and arguing, or in front of the whole stadium or in training. We were always in. Sometimes I thought, ‘Hit the ball, man! Don’t try to do all those elaborate passes, let Scholes do them,” he said on his “Vibe With Five” YouTube channel.

Ferdinand went into more detail, if not more, about the little clashes he had with his former club and national team-mate.

“I wanted to be involved for 90 minutes, play all the time, and all I would say is, ‘I just want goals, I don’t care about the rest.’ If the ball came in front and he held it , I just said, “Wazza, hurry up!”. To which he replied, “Do your job!”. We were still in there,” he said.

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