“We apologize for the way we left the locker room”


An experienced Italian central ensures this won’t happen again.

In the aftermath of the defeat against North Macedonia, in the play-off for the World Cup qualifiers, the state of the Italian national team’s locker room in Palermo did not go unnoticed. The images of chaos were talked about and this Monday gave rise to an apology from Leonardo Bonucci.

“We apologize for the way we left the dressing room at the Palermo stadium, we will be more careful next time. We were very disappointed and did not pay attention to these details, but they make the difference,” he said. said the experienced center of Juventus. -back to the press conference.pre-match against Turkey, eliminated by Portugal in the qualifying rounds.

“In the next games we will ask for more cleaning materials to manage and clean up the garbage. We apologize for the way we did it,” Bonucci said.

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