Ukrainian swimmer slammed for stepping on Russian flag: ‘It’s disgusting’

Ukrainian-born Turkish swimmer Viktoria Zeynep Gunes posted a photo of herself stepping on the Russian flag, sparking a wave of outrage that swept from several Russian athletes who protested on social media to Russia’s sports minister , Dmitry Svishchev, who deemed the attitude “disgusting”.

Zeynep Gunes, 23, from Viktoria Solnceva, had to leave Crimea in 2014, coinciding with the Russian occupation, to settle in Turkey, the country for which she competed in the last Olympic Games, in Tokyo , in 2021.

The photograph posted by the athlete, late last week, however, has disappeared, as revealed through Instagram stories. However, it has already been perpetuated through various social networks and Svishchev reacted on behalf of Russia, in an official way, in the last hours.

The minister even asked the International Swimming Federation (FINA) to investigate the act, for a possible sanction against the young swimmer.

“It’s really disgusting. I want to believe that the International Swimming Federation, as well as other competent organizations, will punish the swimmer for this behavior. Our athletes have been punished for their attitudes and there we have a real outpouring of nationalism towards a country. Provocations must be punished, regardless of the country to which they are directed. I think our union should approach FINA with a request to investigate this matter in detail,” Svishchev was quoted as saying by international press.

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