Turkish swimmer stepped on Russian flag and attacked: ‘Disgusting’

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Viktoria Gunes, of Ukrainian origin, is at the center of a new controversy.

An act by Ukrainian-born Turkish swimmer Viktoria Zeynep Gunes is at the center of a new controversy, after she published a photograph [ver na galeria acima] where the Russian flag seemed to walk on it, which in the meantime had been erased.

Russian Sports Minister Dmitry Shvishev reacted quickly to what happened, deeming the attitude “disgusting” and asking for a sanction for the swimmer.

“It’s something really disgusting. I would like the International Swimming Federation (FINA), as well as other organizations concerned, to punish the swimmer for this behavior,” he began by saying.

“Our athletes have already been punished for their attitudes and here we have a real manifestation of nationalism towards a country. Such provocations must be punished regardless of the country to which they are directed or the country which represents the athlete who makes them. “Shvishev concluded.

At the age of 15, Viktoria Gunes left Crimea after emigrating to Turkey following the conflict with Russia. The swimmer had already explained the “fear” she felt at that time.

“We were in Yalta when the Russians arrived. We were very scared. We immediately returned to Poltava and started a new life. Eventually we found out that the pool I was swimming in in Kyiv was radioactive,” said the swimmer, who recently participated in the Tokyo 2020 Games, with the Turkish flag.

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