THE BALL – Russia threatens to switch to the Asian Confederation (UEFA)

Due to the invasion of Ukraine, Russian teams (clubs and national teams) were preemptively suspended from participating in UEFA and FIFA competitions. A situation that has no definite term, but for which the Russian Federation (RFU) is already preparing an alternative, according to the Russian site. championship.

If this suspension becomes permanent, the Russians will use their extended geographical position and apply for membership of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), thereby no longer falling under UEFA’s jurisdiction. This would mean that Russian clubs would also participate in the Asian Champions League and Russia would have the right to participate in the Asian Cup qualifier.

If confirmed, it will not be the first case of exchange between these two confederations. Winner of an Asian Cup (1964), Israel moved to UEFA in 1990 due to the boycott of several Arab nations for the constant attacks on Palestinian territory.

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