THE BALL – Ristovski says he feels “a bit Portuguese”, but leaves a warning to the national team (North Macedonia)

Stefan Ristovski, captain of North Macedonia and former Sporting player, reveals all his confidence for the match this Tuesday at the Estádio do Dragão, accessing the 2022 World Cup.

“It’s one of the biggest challenges in the history of our football. Maybe no one would believe we were here today, but this team has something the others don’t have and I am very proud of what we are doing. We are ready for this grand final. Personally, I could not imagine that I would ever be in this position, but this match is going to happen and that is why we have the chance to go at the World Cup. If we want to be there, we have to resist all this pressure and these powerful opponents. We have already overcome the first obstacles and we are here in Portugal to surprise everyone. We are not going to stop there,” he warned.

Ristovski, who considers Bruno Fernandes “like a brother”, is also happy to be able to play again in Portugal and see friends again. “Somehow I feel Portuguese. I have very good memories of this country, with which I have strong relations. I’m happy to have played here, Portugal marked me and I had excellent relations with many Portuguese players, like Bruno Fernandes. It’s a relationship that will last, but during the match we will put friendship aside and defend, each, his homeland, “he said.

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