“Macron should have the next humiliating dialogue with Putin in Mariupol”

gArry Kasparov, one of the greatest chess legends, is one of the most outspoken critics of Vladimir Putin’s regime.

The Russian sportsman uses the social network Twitter daily to comment on his country’s invasion of Ukraine and also to criticize the positions of certain Western political leaders.

In a weekend marked by Joe Biden’s harsh words against the President of the Russian Federation, during which the American President called him a “butcher”, also advocating for regime change in the largest country in the world . Harsh words that were quickly softened by the White House, as well as by French President Emmanuel Macron. But for Kasparov there should be no room for dialogue with a person like Putin.

“Macron should have his next humiliating conversation with Putin in Mariupol. Engagement with a dictator is downgrading and a show of weakness. The pressure comes from isolation, which will allow Putin to diminish his power, the only thing that will matters to him”, began by saying Kasparov, in a publication on the social network Twitter.

“The dictatorship is dominated by sociopaths and narcissists. They only see what helps them. And they will continue to say, ‘I have bombed entire cities full of innocent people and foreign leaders continue to talk to me to implore my help. I am powerful and I must continue bombardment'”, added the Russian chess legend.

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