LE BALLON – “We have a lot of new players, we will make adjustments and try to improve” (U-21)

After the disappointment of the draw at home (1-1) against Iceland, in qualifying for the 2023 European Championship, the Under-21s of Portugal are already thinking about correcting their trajectory during the trip to Greece next Tuesday. . The Greeks lead Group 4 with one point more, but one game more, in what will be a real struggle for leadership.

Coach Rui Jorge kicked off Tuesday’s game. “I expect a Greece that will present a line of five defences, a lot of defensive consistency, a tough Greece is expected to come up against,” he said in statements to Federation media.

Rui Jorge detailed the main difficulties. “He has similar traits to Iceland, he also plays straight but with more virtuous players. Apart from that, we expect the usual difficulties, but I think we will dominate most of the match, with possession of the ball, and be wary of the Greek counter-attack.

What is missing to show more brilliance than against Iceland? “In the analysis that I do, I feel a certain injustice vis-à-vis what I have analysed. It wasn’t the brilliance of other times, but it was still a good performance. We were game settings first and foremost. We have a lot of new people, we will make adjustments and try to improve.

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