LE BALLON – Verstappen and Leclerc synchronized: “It was fun” (Formula 1)

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Max Verstappen was the big winner of the Saudi Arabian GP, ​​the second in the F1 World Championship this season, after overtaking Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) at the last corner and, in the end, he was obviously rather satisfied.

“It was fun, a good race, very difficult up front, but we’re happy with the first win of the season. We were playing for the chance and the car was fast on the straight.

Frenchman Charles Leclerc finished second, after setting the fastest lap (which is worth an extra point), shared Verstappen’s statements: “It was a very fun race, they should all be like that. I had the opportunity to win, but in the last corner it was difficult to prevent Max from passing [Verstappen] with DRS. It was a good battle, we went to the limits. There is great respect between us. »

Ferrari achieved the one-two with Spaniard Carlos Sainz in third position, after an episode with Sergio Pérez (Red Bull), who started from pole position: “The position was mine when Pérez came out of the pits, c is what I said many times on the radio, then came the confirmation [por parte da Direção da corrida].

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