LE BALLON – Botafogo’s revolt with the referee: “It will take the c…” (Brazil)

Broth spread at the end of Fluminense-Botafogo, at the Maracanã, which ended in a 2-1 victory for the visitors, but the qualification of the local team for the final of the Carioca Championship (see related news ).

All because after Fred was sent off, match referee Paulo Renato Moreira da Silva Coelho did not allow a free kick near Fluminense’s box, which would be Botafogo’s last chance to score. and qualify. From the final whistle, the players of Luís Castro’s new club (the Portuguese coach was on the bench) surrounded the match referee, who had to be protected by military police.

Right-back Rafael, who hasn’t played due to injury, didn’t mince words but gave a ‘little leg up’ on Twitter. “I’ve never seen such a ridiculous business in my life. The Carioca Championship has to end, it’s simple. It’s going to take the c… With all due respect, after this, get out of this championship of m…”, he wrote, taking up the famous sentence of Fred, in 2015 (he was also at Fluminense), also criticizing the referee: “The Carioca championship must end.”

Among those who played, striker Chay also pointed out that “the referee played a big role in the elimination”, and Erison, who scored two goals for Botafogo, did not spare the man either. on the whistle: “It’s not the first time he’s done this with our team. It needs to be more consistent and professional.

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