Emotion! Daniel Kenedy talks about gambling addiction in the curve of life: “I was ashamed of myself…”

This Sunday, March 27, Big Brother Famosos Gala was marked by the sharing of Daniel Kenedy’s ‘Curva da Vida’, which revealed the most notable moments of his life so far, starting with highlighting his coming in Portugal when he was 6 years old”in search of better living conditions“.

Daniel Kenedy revealed that his passion for football came from an early age, at the age of 12 he joined Benfica and it was in 2000 that his son Alexandre was born.

After about a year, in the 2001/2002 season, the “the beginning of all good and bad“. “During this vacation, she had a weight problem and went to see a doctor. The season is over and I am the best player in Portugal. During the 2002 World Cup, he was called up and was one of the best“.

However, the former footballer reports that “i was in heaven“and immediately”back to hell» when it is necessary to abandon Selection A: «On the third day, they wake me up at dawn telling me that you have to leave because in some exams a substance appears that I had never heard of in my life. To this day I don’t know. I took weight loss products, what happened?“, he let go.

I haven’t played for a year, I got divorced, I lost my joy…“, said Daniel Kenedy, who also highlighted the period during which he was addicted to casino gambling: “As a joke, I went to a casino to show that I was fine but I wasn’t. Trips begin to be almost daily for a long time. I got into debt, until 2017 “that’s enough, Daniel”. I asked my aunt for help, I left my house to go to my aunt’s. This is where I felt protected, I was ashamed of myself…“.

See Daniel Kennedy’s full life curve:

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