Daniel Kenedy: “It was over for me, I lost my joy” | Big Brother

The year 2002 marked the life of the coach, because it was “the beginning of all good and all bad”. In the calls for the 2002 World Cup, the name of Daniel Kenedy was present and it was a huge achievement for the coach. However, he had to leave the championship when his toxicological tests showed the presence of a questionable substance: “It was over for me, I lost my joy (…) I did not play for a year (…) in heaven, but had returned to hell”. Kenedy was taken by surprise, because at the time the only medicine he was taking was aimed at losing weight: “I still don’t understand what happened. has passed.”

Adding to gambling became a reality in Kenedy’s life, and what started as a trip to the casino to have fun and prove he was okay, turned into a nightmare. “I got into debt, I’m not ashamed to say it (…) I was ashamed of myself (…) It was only in 2017 that I asked for help”.

Daniel’s grandmother, one of the most important people for him, never knew about this problem, especially because the coach never wanted to tell her, so as not to hurt her. “She was everything to me (…) I knew I was not well but I didn’t want to tell her so that she wouldn’t suffer anymore”.

Kenedy also recalls the start of his career at Benfica, when he was 12 years old. The coach remembers big names in football, such as Rui Costa and Paulo Futre: “I was very happy to be taken on by them”, he admits.

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