The dragon escapes and the eagle spreads its wings like never before

FC Porto wins by one point against Oliveirense and Benfica crushes them. Póvoa secures eighth place

Of the usual three that continue in the fight for the title, FC Porto’s game against Oliveirense was the one that presented itself theoretically as the most complex. At the moment of truth, it was still the case, the dragons winning an important triumph, by the minimum margin (76-75), thanks to a fourth period of great level.

Motivated by the victory in the derby, Benfica crushed the Azoreans of Lusitânia (131-72) and gave a clear sign that they were going through the best phase of the season. A triumph that kept the eagles in the lead.

Sporting, on the other hand, satiated the favoritism against CAB Madeira (94-75) and finished the regular phase in second position. Póvoa, remaining in eighth place, secured his permanence and a place in Group B. The first four classified form Group A.

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