THE BALL – “I have already been offered millions for Figo’s pre-deal” (Real Madrid)

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Vicente Montes granted, this Saturday, an interview to Mark, in which he recalls the controversial transfer of Luís Figo to Real Madrid. The former Portuguese international, let’s remember, left Barcelona for the Spanish capital in 2000, as the electoral asset of Florentino Pérez.

“This negotiation started three months before the elections. Paulo Futre and José Veiga, Figo’s agent, called me to ask me how I could sign a player in a specific way. It was only later, a few hours before the game, that I learned that it was Figo and that it was Real Madrid,” he explained, also referring to the contract which included a clause which required Figo to repay the club 30 million euros if the change did not materialize: “José Luís del Valle and I, one of the most important people in the legal field, have analyzed the agreement and understood that there were similar commitments and consequences in terms of financial equilibrium. We therefore understand that it was a legal contract”.

The lawyer also revealed that he has already received significant sums to have access to the document.

“I was offered a few million just to see this document, but my loyalty and my word are worth more. It is kept where my father had it, in Cáceres,” he concluded.

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