THE BALL – Gonçalo Ramos talks about the right moment, the new position and the wizard nickname (Benfica)

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Currently serving for the Under-21 team, Gonçalo Ramos gave an interview to the channel 11. A starter in Benfica’s last games, and increasingly prominent under Nélson Veríssimo, the 20-year-old striker assumed he was having the best moment of his still young career.

“I’m at my best and anyone who sees me playing knows that. This is also the time when I play more regularly. I’ve grown and I’m more mature as a player and as a person, plus it’s going well and when there’s confidence it makes all the difference,” he explained, also speaking about the position. which he occupied, as a hybrid between striker and attacking midfielder: “I like it and I end up fitting in perfectly, also because I played a lot of games as a midfielder in training “.

Finally, Gonçalo Ramos commented on the nickname given to him as a wizard.

“When the ball comes anyway, they can call me a wizard. When that doesn’t happen…not anymore. But it’s because I was lucky with the rebounds, the ball always came towards me and then they started calling me a wizard in the national team and at Benfica.

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