Formula 1, Saudi Arabia GP, Lewis Hamilton: “I got at least one point”

Lewis Hamilton opted for a different strategy to regain some positions after Saturday’s disappointing qualifying. According to the pilot, things started to go well. “I struggled with the tire temperature at first, then it started to improve and I started beating the guys up front,” Hamilton told Sky F1. “And then I think they were on medium tyres, they started to come down and it was a really good period and I was pushing, I think I was doing the same time as George on new hard tyres,” Hamilton said. , who added that The situation changed after the opponents stopped during the virtual safety car and when he was unable to stop due to the closing of the pit lane. “So I felt good until the other cars stopped. Everything fell apart, it was terrible, but I took at least one point, at least we brought points to the team “.
When asked if the Mercedes W13 would be better than in Bahrain, Hamilton replied that there was little time between one race and another for that to happen. “Not much has changed since the last race. Only a few days have passed. What I know is that today I finally couldn’t keep up with Haas, the power he has. (… ) So we have a lot of work for sure, but I know that I have a great team and we will try to improve”.

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