Esmoriz Benfica Volleyball Play-Off Championship

THE Benfica volleyball team started the semi-final of the National Championship play-off with a triumph (1-3) against Esmoriz, at the Pavilhão do Esmoriz Ginásio Clube.

Motivated by having the club host in the play-off, the people of Esmoriz sold the pavilion in team support. Benfica was not afraid, which launched the 1st set with property in use, gaining an initial advantage. Esmoriz replied aggressive serving actions and effective attacks that made it difficult to receive the red defense. The northerners walk on the heels of the eagles, who commit unforced errors, which forces Marcel Matz to request a timeout. The same did not have the desired effect, because the small diagonals of zone 4 do Esmoriz and the to block created a breach at Benfica. O 1st set ended in 25-22.

Starting balance 2nd series, neither team being able to stand out. Halfway through the set, the the red cast started to come out faster, the efficiency in zone 4 revealed himself and the eagles departed. In view of the result, the Benfica managed the advancekept the block efficiency and took advantage of several unforced errors from Esmoriz to win the set, to 19-25 and to bind the fight (1-1).

Benfica volleyball

Dot here, dot there 3rd series. Balanced air, with the outside and the counterattacks to dominate the terrain and none of the emblems to stand out in the result. Benfica strong in the blockat Home it’s us network side attacks; O Emollient effective in distribution and not to block. Played to the last, the 3rd series just stayed resolved on pros: 29-31 for those of Luz, who had to pull the gallons. Outcome in game: 1-2.

A partial to close the match, the Benfica entered the 4th set at full throttle and with a partial of 0-4. Esmoriz looked lost on the pitch, unable to stop Benfica’s attacks in the areas 4 and 2, nor close your attacks or counterattacks. Gradually the the northerners have returned to the discussion of the result. to fear, the the eagles responded with a demolition zone 4 It’s the 4th series was closed in 21-25 and the game in 1-3.

O Benfica advance to the semi-finals of the national championship play-off. On Friday there will be a new duel between these two clubs, at Pavilhão n.º 2 da Luz.

Benfica volleyball


Marcel Matz (Benfica coach): “The secret is consistency. We didn’t play well, but we were able to apply our game with a good level. It was a good match and our idea is to end the play-offs at home. I don’t didn’t like [do trabalho da equipa de arbitragem]. That’s my opinion, but the referees should have another opinion. It was Esmoriz’s responsibility to win. They need to win three games to qualify, we need to win twice. We have three home games. Esmoriz is a tough opponent, with a young team. We will not despise them. Not to them, not to any opponent. I invite fans to attend on Friday and Sunday.”

Esmoriz Gymnasium Club Pavilion
Benfica’s starting line-up
Rapha, Hugo Gaspar, Peter, Lucas França, Japa, Tiago Violas and Ivo Casas (L)
André Lopes, Bernardo Westermann, Pablo Nathan, Nikula, Zelão, Carlos Puron and Bernardo Silva (L)
1st set 2nd series 3rd series 4th series
25-22 19-25 29-31 21-25

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