Almería owner rubs hands on millions he can receive for Darwin: ‘Let it come true…’ – Benfica

Turki Al-Sheikh reacts to Arsenal interest ‘tweet’

The interest of the European giants in Darwin Núñez is more and more talked about and, in addition to Benfica, who, as the owners of the pass, will pocket the biggest part of a possible transfer, Almería is also looking at this situation with a particular attention. All this because he will be entitled to 20% of a capital gain, which could bring the coffers of the Spanish club an amount close to 11 million euros – this if the transfer is carried out by the €80m that Benfica will claim for now. Thus, on social networks, it is with natural enthusiasm that, this Saturday, the owner of the club reacted to the rumors shared by the EPL WORLD page, which pointed to Arsenal’s interest in the Uruguayan striker. In response to this “tweet”, Turki Al-Sheikh left a comment that says a lot. “Let it be, so we can get our percentage in the business,” wrote the owner of the Spanish emblem. If an agreement is confirmed for the 80 million demanded by Benfica, Almería could receive around 11 million euros, which would bring the profit with the Uruguayan striker to almost 30 million euros, which in 2019 was acquired for only 6 million euros to Peñarol. He would be sold for €24m a year later, making a profit of €18m on the spot, to which the 11 already mentioned can be added for added value in a future transfer of €80.

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