Abel Ferreira’s salary sparks controversy in Brazil: Palmeiras challenges “historic contract” – Brazil

News about the values ​​the Portuguese coach will receive has caused confusion

Abel Ferreira has renewed his contract with Palmeiras until December 2024 and, according to the Brazilian press, the club has opened (well…) the purse strings to retain the Portuguese coach. According to ‘Globo Esporte’, Abel will receive 6.7 million euros per season, after signing “the biggest contract in the history of South American football coaches”. But Palmeiras denied these values ​​and shared a message on social networks stating this. “Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras is going public to contest, in a vehement way, the reports published this Saturday evening by the GE and UOL websites with the supposed annual sums that will be paid to our coach Abel Ferreira. The articles do not correspond to reality. of the press still plays the role of disseminating erroneous and irresponsible information to the public.” Globo Esporte has published this position of Palmeiras and guarantees that its information regarding the values ​​disclosed is reliable.

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