A fan hailed Nazism during Germany-Israel and was expelled from the stadium


A 28-year-old man, filmed by the Hoffenheim redoubt’s video surveillance system and expelled by the security officers present, faces a fine or even a prison sentence

A German fan was banned from watching the entire Germany-Israel game on Saturday for giving a Nazi salute on the bench, a gesture associated with the dictatorial and anti-Semitic regime established by Adolf Hitler between 1933 and 1945.

According to the German channel “Sport1”, which reported the case, the 28-year-old individual, filmed by the Hoffenheim stadium’s video surveillance system, was then evacuated from the stadium by security officers present on site.

‘Sport1’ added that the fan has already been identified by the Mannheim police and will be brought before a judge since according to the German penal code giving the Nazi salute in public is a crime punishable by a fine or punishment. a prison sentence of up to three years. .

Additionally, the individual was prohibited from entering a stadium or attending a sporting event. The follower’s gesture was not made by chance because Israel continues to be the country that hosts the majority of Jews, persecuted by the Nazis, in the world.

During the Nazi regime, between five and six million Jews were killed, in a massive genocide that became historically known as the Holocaust.

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