THE BALL – The Premier League blocks the entry of Moses to Burnley (England)

UEFA and FIFA have granted an exceptional regime to foreign footballers linked to clubs in Ukraine and Russia, allowing them to register for another competition outside the usual transfer windows. A privilege Burnley sought to exploit, leading Victor Moses’ return to England…until his intention was blocked by the Premier League.

The Nigerian player, European champion with Chelsea last season, signed with Spartak last summer but now finds himself isolated in Moscow. The invitation from the Clarets was an opportunity for the winger to reconnect with his family and start doing what I love the most, with a salary in the values ​​he earns.

However, the entity which organizes the main championship of England refused to grant this special status to Moses, 31 years old (or to any other player in the same conditions), citing concerns about the sporting integrity of the competition , according to the local press. And the Spartak who was even ready to facilitate the change…

At this stage, joining a club in Serie A (Italy) or the Bundesliga (Germany) is also to be avoided: these leagues have adopted the same positioning for the same reasons. A problem that apparently does not arise, for example, with regard to La Liga (Spain), which will be open to receive players affected by the conflict in Eastern Europe.

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