THE BALL – The Macedonians were excited and were waiting for Portugal: “It was a miracle! (North Macedonia)

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Skopje, the capital, went wild with North Macedonia’s success in Palermo, thousands took to the streets giving wings to euphoria after an unthinkable qualification that now makes the Balkans Portugal’s last barrier to a place in Qatar.

A goal from Trajkovski, at 90+2′, plunged Italy into dazzling despair, the multiple attempts against Dimitrievski’s goal being in vain. With Boban Babunski, 53, father of David and Dorian, unused substitutes in front of the squadra azzurra, a figure in the history of Macedonian football passing from the former team of Yugoslavia to the first team of independent Macedonia, we met the sensations triggered by such a free state, nothing casual, since the country was represented at Euro-2020, it won in Germany in this last qualification, now triggering the scandal of causing deep disappointment among Italians.

“The demonstrations of joy for what happened in Palermo do not stop. The night was long and the streets were full. It’s more than a miracle, if we compare the teams where the athletes evolve, the trajectories and the matches in which they had the opportunity to play, the answer is absurd. If we look at the trajectory of Roberto Mancini and our Milevski [Blagoja, selecionador] it’s ridiculous. If we look at the statistics of the game, it’s amazing. It’s football and the credit goes to the players and our coach,” Boban Babunski told A BOLA, ready to underline the soul of the team.

“It was a game of great sacrifices in defense and with Portugal, it will have to be the same. Let’s hope for another miracle! They are good boys, humble, with their feet on the ground. They help each other and run for each other. others,” he says.

“I think it’s only now that we realize that it’s real. But, on the other hand, you have to put this match among others, the presence in European was already an achievement, victory in Germany another! That’s why Macedonians believe they can do something more,” warns the man who has worked for most of this generation in the Under-19s and Under-21s, before handing over command to Blagoja Milevski.

“Portugal will be different because there are monsters in the finish, besides Ronaldo there are Bernardo and Jota. We know that they are not in a hurry like Italy, they did not let us make three passes.

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