THE BALL – Roberto Mancini’s mother accuses the player of eliminating the 2022 World Cup (Italy)

Recovering from the shock of the defeat against North Macedonia (0-1), which meant the absence of the 2022 World Cup, Italy begins the finger-pointing phase. And the first accusations came from the coach’s mother.

in conversation with the radiounoMarianna Puolo pointed out Chelsea midfielder Jorginho.

“Unfortunately, Jorginho’s mistakes cost us dearly. I don’t want to point the finger at him, he didn’t miss on purpose, but when you waste three penalties,” he said, emphasizing in particular the missed shots in the draw against Switzerland (0-0 and 1-1), whose wins could have secured first place in Group C.

Finally, Marianna Puolo pointed out her son Roberto Mancini’s options.

“I think I should have called Balotelli. He has incredible strength and in front of goal no one can stop him,” he concluded.

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