Lawyer and the pre-deal that ‘tied’ Figo to Real Madrid: ‘I was already offered millions for the contract’ – Real Madrid

The transfer of Luís Figo from Barcelona to Real Madrid, in 2000, was a real “bomb”, not only in Spain but in the world of football, an asset with which Florentino Pérez ended up winning the elections in meringues. But to ensure the media transfer, the current Los Blancos president signed a pre-agreement with the Portuguese international, ending up ‘tying’ the player, as lawyer Vicente Montes reminded the ‘Marca’ newspaper, which was one of the keys to success. of the operation. Montes still has the document and says he was already offered a lot of money for it… Florentino, who was only a candidate then, promised to pay the club 30 million euros, the equivalent of the annual fee of Real Madrid. , if he couldn’t take the Portuguese star to the Santiago Bernabéu. But that was the amount of the penalty included in the pre-agreement the player had signed with Pérez in case he decided to go back on his word…


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Figo received many threats and even considered canceling the transfer, but the sanction was too high and the move to Madrid, in exchange for 60 million euros, ended up happening.

“The process started about three months before the elections. Paulo Futre and José Veiga, who was Figo’s manager, called me. Paulo had already asked me before, without telling me who the player was, if he could to hire a footballer in a concrete way. It was only a few hours before the meeting that I learned that it was about Real Madrid and Figo”, recalls the lawyer.

“I dealt with everything with José Luis del Valle, one of the most important people at a legal level that I have met, in addition to being a lawyer, he was Florentino’s right arm. When the day came to put everything on paper, we sat until the wee hours of dawn and I prepared the document,” he continued. “We couldn’t do a lot of consultation because he didn’t there was no precedent and the case required the utmost confidentiality.”

Vicente Montes says the document “had about four pages”. “I have often been offered money for that. Lately, we have talked about the subject again, but for me it is the same because I will never sell it, my loyalty and my word are worth more”, says the lawyer, who has the document “in Cáceres”.

When asked if they tried with millions of euros, Vicente Montes confirms: ‘Some’.

After Florentino’s victory in the elections, it was necessary to forge a new bond with Figo. “Obviously, because at that time [da assinatura do pré-acordo] he was just a candidate.”

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