BOLA – FC Porto wins and equalizes Sporting in the lead (Handball)

By beating Maia 30-22 (16-11) in the match that marked the start of the 21st day of Handebol 1 and after a two-week break due to national team commitments, FC Porto equaled Sporting at the top of the standings. championship, both with 58 points and 20 games played.

It is the fourth consecutive triumph for the double national champions, who, at a rate almost always well below what they can produce and efficient in passing and especially in shooting, as they started to lead 2- 0 with goals from Daymaro Salina (3), it took 19 minutes to cause the first marker bump.

Until then, taking advantage of the calm progression of the owners of the house which only benefited those who cannot fight with the same weapons and such a great bench depth for the rotation, the maiatos, with João Furtado (5 ) and João Carvalho (4) in evidence, had drawn seven until 8-8, even reaching the only lead on the scoreboard at 6-7.

Dissatisfied with the course of the match and especially with the team’s apathy, Magnus Andersson brought in Rui Silva (2), changed the defense to 5×1, with central in front, and everything got complicated for Maia, who lost space for passing and shooting. in the central area, allowing the hosts to score without three unanswered goals (11-8) and reach half-time in the lead by five (16-11).

In the 2nd half, it was to everyone’s surprise that Nuno Silva’s team came in more dissatisfied and ready to go, scoring their first three goals on the counterattack (18-14), which led Andersson to ask a break to talk to the team at 35m.

It was to no avail, as Maia managed to reduce the gap to 19-16 and then to 21-18 and forced the Swedish coach to call another time-out after just 6 minutes inside.

Holy medicine. Changing teams and with Silva back in the attacking organization, Diogo Branquinho (5), António Areia (6) and Fábio Magalhães (4) accelerated in transitions and attacking movements and tried to ensure that in the last 10 minutes, the difference remains at 6/7 goals, although on the opposite side Manuel Lima (7) has always been someone difficult to stop, even on the free kick from 7 meters against Nikola Mitrevski.

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