THE BALL – Ligue 2 coaches met and filed a complaint (Liga 2)

After the League coaches, on Wednesday, this Thursday it was the turn of La Liga Portugal to meet the coaches of Liga 2, a meeting attended again by José Pereira and Luciano Gonçalves, respectively presidents of the Association National of Portugal. Football coaches (ANTF) and the Portuguese Association of Football Referees, as well as former referee Duarte Gomes, columnist for A BOLA.

“The meeting was well attended, both in terms of next season’s sports calendar and in terms of working time in our championship. During the meeting, there was an agreement on the League Cup transition model for 2022/2023, when the Qatar World Cup will be held in December (2022), and the subject of working time was discussed. also been much discussed. The League, through a detailed and very complete presentation, has once again reinforced the concern on the subject, taking into account that it is one of the Leagues with the least useful time in Europe. This reason led to a reflection on the part of the coaches, who asked for more regular meetings and with the participation of the referees, so that this subject could be debated”, can we read in the note issued by the League.

During a meeting that lasted four hours, the coaches took the opportunity to demand: that the competition have VAR, like the main league, so that “there is a greater balance between the two main championships of the country” . A request which was “unanimously” on the part of all present.

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