THE BALL – Abel Ferreira wins and sees an unusual request for help from the stands (Palmeiras)

It is usual to see supporters’ posters in stadiums asking players to hand over their shirts at the end of the match, but what was seen on Wednesday evening, at the Allianz Parque, as the Palmeiras stadium is called, was for the least, unusual. Is original.

During the match against Ituano, for the quarter-finals of the Campeonato Paulista – the local team won 2-0 and are in the semi-finals – the fans of the São Paulo club surprised everyone and everything. All because of the renovation of Abel Ferreira, which is at an impasse.

In an attempt to convince the Portuguese coach to extend the connection to Verdão, dozens have resorted to posters… asking for help from the Palmeiras manager’s wife. One of them read “Ana Xavier in Palmeiras! “, in another “Come be happy in Palmeiras, Ana Xavier”.

On Monday, interviewed on the show ‘Roda Viva’, Abel Ferreira, who has been living alone since arriving in Palmeiras in November 2020, hinted that he probably couldn’t stay in Brazil any longer without his family.

“It is impossible to stay here another two or three years without my family. Either I go or they come… Palmeiras wants a lot, and I like Palmeiras a lot. So I spoke to my wife and told her: ‘I will only stay if you come, otherwise I won’t stay,'” the Portuguese coach told the programme.

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