“Rui Patrício is not injured”

Vanda Pinto / Bruno Filipe Monteiro

Statements by Fernando Santos, Portuguese coach, in a press conference, after the 3-1 triumph against Turkey, in a match which earned Portugal a place in the final of the play-offs for access to the 2022 World Cup, where he will face Macedonia from the North.

What has been proven? “The total focus that we all had, the 11 million. We’re part of that 11 million. We were focused on this final. To win this one, we have a final on Tuesday, which is always the most important game, to bring joy to everyone, who must be in the final of the World Cup. Some things went well overall, others not so well, but this is a just victory. This moment [penálti] could have made things more difficult. I’ve played a lot of finals and finals are played to win and there’s no other conversation.”

João Moutinho in a ‘different’ role: “A player alone does not solve the problems. There is the definition of the strategy, putting on the field those who would best respond to this strategy that has been put in place, putting our abilities fully on the field and knowing Turkey , which was positive or not. me the best strategy. They are great players. When we talk so much about talent and think that they can’t play in different positions… They are players who can play in any position.”

Diogo Costa in the starting XI: “He’s not injured, it was an option. They always say I have to renew, then I change players and it seems there’s something strange here. I’ve said so many times that everyone who comes is because I trust them… Rui Patrício is not injured. It was a technical option.”

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