Luís Neto: ‘The good thing about Rúben Amorim is that you can really understand that’ – Sporting

Central stress that the coach ‘fell’ to Sporting at the ‘right time’

Rúben Amorim “fell” at Sporting at the “right time”. Who says it’s Luís Neto who, in an interview with ‘Expresso’, applauds the way the coach of the lions works (with) the team. “We looked at the gentleman when he arrived and said, ‘We’ve played so much, what else am I going to learn? Always play with this system. We’ve played with this system. What is it? what’s so special?’ He managed to bring a lightness, the will to train, a new conviction that I did not expect. A hope for a bright future. From the moment the master sets up this structure and train and train and train, we are on the right path”, we are ready to win. The drive application, all in detail. Not making it easy for yourself when you win and do the same things. It’s the most tiring thing for a professional player: you win and it ends up being a “Buffon, damn, we only have games in a week, that’ll be enough to relax”… No , two drives. (…) He brought a request, he entrusted us with many responsibilities. (…) When the game starts, we look like wolves – ‘now I’m going to put into practice everything I’ve done this week’. To strike correctly, to win, has a lot to do with it. (…) When a group has no doubts and follows its leader… I think that exists here at Sporting”, he said. And he continued: “What is good with things difficult is that you can really understand that; we are always better after a difficult period. The year we were champions was near perfect but even so in many wins we got attention if he tiptoed the manager automatically pulled him the band pulled him too “.

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