LE BAL – Bernardo Silva makes fun of wearing… “old people’s clothes” (France)

Jemerson, the Brazilian pivot who currently represents Metz, gave an interview to the television channel ESPN, in which he recalled the period during which he shared the Monaco locker room with Bernardo Silva.

“Bernardo is a very nice guy. People made fun of him a lot, said he liked to wear old men’s clothes. He always appeared in a dress style shirt, which had nothing to do with it. People had a lot of fun with him,” said the Brazilian defender, among many laughs.

In terms of football, Jemerson is full of praise for the Portugal international. “He was already very different in Monaco. In training it was absurdly difficult to score. He dribbled a lot, when he thought he was going to win the ball, he found the way, because he finished very well or passed. In addition, tactically, he is very good, because he gives 100% for the team. He has an incredible vision of the game, he is very talented and gives everything for the team,” he praised, also emphasizing his physical availability: “His physical stamina is very great. He’s short and skinny, doesn’t have a lot of muscle mass, but he’s big. He was one of the most running players in our team.

Bernardo Silva, let’s remember, represented Monaco between 2014 and 2017, after being transferred to Manchester City for 50 million euros.

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