A BOLA – The training center will not leave Seixal (Benfica)

The mayor of Seixal, Joaquim Santos, assured this Friday that he had received a guarantee from Benfica that the club da Luz training center will not leave the town.

In January, Benfica president Rui Costa said in an interview with the club channel that it was possible that Benfica would leave Seixal, in the Setúbal district, to focus on “a new house that houses all the clubs of the club”. valencies”.

The red president announced at the time that he was studying the birth of the Cidade Benfica, a space “to house all of Benfica minus the Stadium”.

In view of these statements, the mayor of Seixal requested a hearing with the management of Benfica to clarify the situation, which took place at the beginning of March. During this meeting with Jaime Antunes, the status of other projects, namely the International College, was also discussed.

The construction of an International College in Seixal, with a capacity of 800 students, is part of the club’s projects and was announced in 2017.

According to the mayor, Benfica, namely its training center, was an asset for the municipality from the point of view of notoriety and what it represents for the club and for the country.

The Lisbon Internship Center has been located in Seixal since 2006.

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