THE BALL – The goalkeeper talks about Ronaldo, “gives change” to Fonte and praises the supporters of FC Porto (Turkey)

Turkey and Lille goalkeeper Burak Yilmaz, who has had a long trajectory, passing through the best Turkish clubs, was the group’s spokesperson during the difficult clash in Dragão, where he had to face comparisons with Ronaldo for his age and also for the opportunity to play. .a great contest.

“For me, Cristiano is the best player I’ve ever seen. I have a lot of respect for him and I admire him a lot. I don’t know if it could be his last World Cup, only he can answer that. But I’m sure it’s the last chance for me, “said Yilmaz, 36, seven goals this season for Lille, where he has teammates José Fonte and Tiago Djaló. Afterwards, this morning, José Fonte said that tomorrow “there are no friendships”, Burak Yilmaz gave “the change” with the same speech.

“Fonte and I are friends but in the countryside there are no friends. I know him and he knows me too. I hope I pass. What I know is that we don’t have lucky in the draw, Portugal are a great team, with great players, but we have value and we want to go to the World Cup. I believe we will achieve our goal,” noted Burak Yilmaz, also aware of the environment he will find in Dragão.

“We already know that FC Porto and Portugal fans are very passionate. But we have to forget that and do our best to try to reach the World Cup,” he concluded.

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