THE BALL – “The feeling is one of frustration” (Benfica)

Benfica coach Filipa Patão lamented the loss to SC Braga on penalties in the League Cup final, arguing the Eagles were better on the pitch.

“We are sad, the whole group is sad, because they know what worked for us to bring the League Cup home. Great game, with two great teams, there could only be one winner, ended up falling on penalties against SC Braga. Congratulations to the Benfica players who gave everything throughout the match not to reach this stage. Thank you for the support from the stands, the supporters were irreproachable, if we are like that it is because we could not give the victory to the supporters who shouted, shot and deserved this cup. The feeling is a feeling of frustration, we feel we were the better team, but we couldn’t score the goal we needed so we didn’t have to go to extra time or penalties, now it’s time to reflect and to focus on the main objective, the championship,” summed up the coach, who believes in an “excellent response” from his players.

“A final is a final, we knew there could only be one winner, unfortunately that didn’t happen to us. We were the best team, we failed to score goals, that’s what we will pass on to the players. Fans cheered them on their feet and demanded that Benfica be champions. It is our mission and our obligation, so the players only have to draw their strength from where they exist and where they do not exist, because the supporters and the club deserve that we fight for the only and main objective of the season, to be champions”, he underlined.

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