THE BALL – Irving big, but the Nets lose; The Sixers beat the Lakers without LeBron (NBA)

New York made an exception for top athletes and Kyrie Irving and the others not vaccinated against Covid-19 were finally able to play games played in this state.

And Kyrie Irving gave the answer many were waiting for.

Against the Memphis Grizzlies, he scored 43 points and had eight assists, but the Brooklyn Nets couldn’t win (132-120), even with Ja Morant’s home team.

Kevin Durant was also in fine form, recording 35 points, 11 rebounds and eight assists.

Without LeBron James, the Lakers were upset at home by the Philadelphia 76ers, 121-126.


Dallas Maverick-Houston Rockets, 110 – 91

Boston Celtics-Utah Jazz, 125-97

Miami Heat-Golden State Warriors, 104 – 118

Charlotte Hornets-New York Knicks, 106-121

Detroit Pistons-Atlanta Hawks, 122-101

Indiana Pacers-Sacramento Kings, 109-110

LA Lakers-Philadelphia 76ers, 121 – 126

Portland Trail Blazers-San Antonio Spurs, 96-133

Minnesota Timberwolves-Phoenix Suns, 116-125

Oklahoma City Thunder-Orlando Magic, 118-102

Nets Memphis Grizzlies-Brooklyn, 132 – 120

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