THE BALL – “I believe that Barcelona is the home of Messi” (Paris Saint-Germain)

Lilian Thuram, former French international defender, world champion in 1998, spoke about the difficult situation that Messi is going through, with whom he played in Barcelona, ​​​​at PSG, regretting, all the same, that he is the target of whistles from supporters.

“I believe Barcelona is Messi’s home. I started playing there a lot. For me, he wanted to stay at Barcelona and it’s very difficult to want to stay, but to have to leave. In Paris, everything is different. I find it unbelievable that Messi whistles, that shouldn’t happen. People shouldn’t disrespect him… Shit, it’s Messi! When you love football, you can’t think it’s normal for fans whistle Messi”, underlined the French, in remarks reproduced by RMC Sport.

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