THE BALL – Héctor Bellerín criticizes FIFA and UEFA: “There are so many countries that are like Russia” (Spain)

After many years in England, at Arsenal, Héctor Bellerín returned to Spain this season to play for Betis. In an interview with the Youtube channel The English Mediaa, the 27-year-old winger commented on the sanctions imposed on Russia by UEFA and FIFA following the invasion of Ukraine.

“The war in Palestine has been completely ignored, nobody talks about it. Ditto for Yemen or Iraq. Russia has been excluded from the next World Cup, however, there are so many countries that have been doing like them for so many years. It’s racist to turn a blind eye to conflict and take that perspective. It’s a lack of empathy. »

It is recalled that all Russian teams – from clubs to national teams – have been barred by FIFA and UEFA from participating in international competitions. This meant that the men’s team was barred from playing in the World Cup qualifying round, in which they would face Slovakia.

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