LE BALLON – Weigl admits his return to the Bundesliga: “Interesting possibility” (Benfica)

Julian Weigl has assumed that a return to German football is still a possibility on the table, although at the moment he is only focused on Benfica, assuming he also feels happy in Portugal.

“Of course, the Bundesliga is always a very interesting possibility for me. But first, the most important thing is to finish this season with Benfica. In the summer, with the family, I always think about what the next step could be. But I feel very comfortable in Lisbon,” said the German midfielder, who also pointed out the differences between the Portuguese and German leagues:

“The fact that they said it was a step back (playing in Portugal) was not a problem for me. He knew that at Benfica he would always fight for national titles and have international visibility “But I understand those who said they didn’t understand my move from Dortmund to Benfica. In Portugal, there’s a big difference between the top five teams and the rest.

Weigl, 26 and in his third season with an eagle on his chest, is back in the Germany national team, which is preparing for the friendly match against Israel and the Netherlands on March 26-29.

Asked which is more important, Benfica or the national team, Weigl replied: “My club is very important to me, as is the national team. I don’t want to make that distinction.”

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