F1 will catch Netflix ears on ‘Drive to Survive’ – Formula 1

The ‘Drive to Survive’ series has brought millions of new (and even old) fans to Formula 1, but lately it has also been making waves through some over-dramatization, with the placement of dialogue moved and even ‘invented’ rivalries between pilots where they simply do not exist. The topic has come up before and even led to last year’s champion Max Verstappen refusing to be part of the story in season four. From now on, as revealed by Stefano Domenicali, a little hearing will be given to the structure that works this series, in order to prevent the portrait of the season from being distorted from reality. “There’s no doubt that the Netflix project had a very successful effect. In order to capture a new audience, a tone was used that kind of dramatized the story. It’s an opportunity, but I think that you also have to understand it. We already talked about that [no Bahrain] at the meeting with the teams. It is not constructive for a driver to refuse to participate because he feels he is not being properly represented. We have to create a dialogue to understand how it can be integrated into the format,” the F1 boss told Italian Motorsport.com, in a clear hint to Verstappen that the story doesn’t run away from reality, otherwise it ceases. to make sense. . This is something we will be working on with the pilots. We want a project that has received so much attention to continue to have an attractive language, but without distorting the image and the sense of sport that we experience daily,” added Domenicali.

Max and Lando among the critics

One of the most critical voices of this format was the Dutchman Max Verstappen, who earlier last year declined to participate in the format. And just in the year he was champion. “I understand it’s something necessary to increase popularity in America, but as a driver I don’t like being part of it… They’ve invented rivalries that don’t even exist. there’s nothing to show. I’m not a person who fits into a drama series, I just want facts and real things to happen,” the Dutchman said at the time, in statements to The Associated. Press.

This year, for example, Lando Norris also complained about certain moments that do not correspond to reality. “There are obviously comments and things here and there that I don’t belong in, that’s for sure. When it’s something that we’re involved in, maybe we end up not being d OK, because we can make it look like we said something at the time when it was definitely not right,” he said. the McLaren driver, who in the first Grand Prix episode of the season saw a radio conversation misplaced to create controversy with Daniel Ricciardo.

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